Radiation Protection Advice

RPS Cardiff is part of the Department of Medical Physics at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, which is part of the Velindre University NHS Trust.

Advice and information can be provided on all aspects of ionising radiation safety and the current UK regulations governing its use (IRR17, IR(ME)R17, EPR16, etc). We can act as an independent consultant or can be appointed to act as your Radiation Protection Adviser/Radioactive Waste Adviser and/or Medical Physics Expert in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. Matters on which advice can be given include:

  • Drafting of Local Rules and Systems of Work.
  • Design and shielding requirements for radiological installations.
  • Transport of radioactive materials.
  • Radioactive materials management including disposal.
  • Radiological hazard assessment and contingency planning.
  • Investigation of radiation incidents.
  • Use of personal dosimetry and associated record keeping.
  • Suitability of Radiation Protection Supervisor appointments.
  • Measurement and optimisation of patient dose.
  • Quality assurance procedures in diagnostic radiology.
  • Selection, test and calibration of radiation protection instrumentation.

Our current customer base consists of:

  • NHS Trusts and Health Boards in Wales
  • Private Healthcare providers
  • Dental Practices

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